Body Piercing Services are now available at New Flower Studio in Long Beach and Sacrament Piercing in Irvine by appointment.

Body Piercing by Brian is now available at New Flower Studio in Long Beach and at Sacrament Piercing in Irvine by appointment only.  Please use the Contact page to set an appointment.  

New Flower PH: 562-363-5003.  

Sacrament PH: 949-916-7537

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Welcome to the web site for body piercing by Brian Oviatt.

A little bit about me.

I have always had a fascination with body modification.  At the age of ten I read “The Illustrated Man” by Ray Bradubury and I was fascinated by the mental image the story imparted of a man imbued with stories, a pictographic history in his skin.

Some images, like those of the illustrated man, are indelible and do not fade with age.

What started then, little did I know, was a journey to understand the mastery we can have over our own bodies and the role this has played in human history.  Many cultures, even those whose myriad secrets are still locked in the fugue of prehistory have taken part in practices to modify the body.

From makeup to body building, hair dye to tattoos, piercings to plastic surgery, skull shaping to foot binding, corseting to scarification, people have shown for thousands of years the willingness and desire to change themselves, to modify the flesh and blood template they were given.

My piercing career started in Des Moines, IA with an apprenticeship in 2003-2004.

At the beginning of 2004 I started piercing without supervision and I have been piercing since with a focus on continuing my education.  After several years in the midwest, working for two companies and learning from other piercers in the region I moved to Southern California, where I started piercing for Outer Limits Tattoo & Piercing.  Shortly thereafter I was honored to become a Member of the Association of Professional Piercers.

I take great care in providing a safe, comfortable environment in which to perform body piercing.  It is my goal to provide the best service to every client, every time.  I exist as a practitioner in a field that is constantly evolving and I strive to maintain integrity within our ever-changing trade

It has been a great privilege as I have grown as a piercer to assist many people with their desires for modification. 

I will never do a piercing that I feel will be unsafe for a client.

I believe that every person has the right to make decisions about their body.

I believe that every person has the right to be informed.

I look forward to helping you with your body piercing needs.

Photos courtesy of  Illamasaqua Research Blog

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